Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well 2011 is all but over and if you haven't scheduled your stairway makeover or home improvement projects yet, don't worry you still have time.

As we reign in 2012 and set goals for the upcoming year, why not make a new stairway railing or some custom trim work a priority. Lomonaco's Iron Concepts and Home Decor is ready to sit down with you and design the stairway of your dreams.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor has a certified decorating consultant available to meet with all clients to work with them and make their dreams a reality. Beverly is our decorating consultant and has a very keen eye color and textures.

Our family at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor would like to wish you and your family a safe, healthy and prosperous new year.

John Lomonaco
Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Holidays Are Right Around The Corner!

The holiday season is approaching quickly and I know everyone wants their home to look its best. It's not to late to order your stairway makeover and have it done before Christmas. Think of it as a Christmas gift for yourself. You deserve it don't you? Nothing looks more beautiful than the sparkle of your garland lights shinning off of your new iron balusters.

If you would like to have a new railing in your home like the one here you need to call us today at 856-740-1071. Lomonaco's Iron Concepts is a full service stair renovation company with a full time interior decorator / designer on staff.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Buy Stair and Rail Parts Online

Hello everyone! Lomonaco's Iron Concepts is proud to announce the launching of our new and improved online store. Here you will find all your stair and rail components at the most affordable prices online. Check us out at and start saving today.

LIC Rail Supplies is a division of Lomonaco's Iron Concepts for the do-it-your-selfers along with speciality contractors and builders. We will work with you to make sure you order everything you need for you stairway makeover. All of our wood stair and rail components are made from the finest materials on the market today. All wood components are produced using computer aided CNC machinery for a precision piece every time.

LIC Rail Supplies also offers full and replacement stair treads and risers, false end replacement treads and risers. LIC Rail Supplies has many wood species to select from such as Poplar, Red Oak, White Oak, Beech, Mahogany, Cherry, Brazilian Cherry, Ash and Hickory.

LIC Rail Supplies also offers starting steps in single and double bull noses in all the wood species listed above. All of our replacement treads, risers and starting steps are made from grade 1 clear material for a consistent look when staining.

LIC Rail Supplies also offers the widest selection of powder coated iron balusters in many stock and custom colors. All of our powder coated balusters come with a lifetime warranty on the finish and construction of the baluster. Here are some of the stock colors LIC Rail Supplies offers for their iron balusters, Black, Copper
Vein, Silver Vein, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Oil Rubbed Copper, Vintage Brass, Satin Clear, Midnight Bronze, Old World copper, Dark Champagne, Shadow Grey, Warm Nickel and Antique Nickel plus many custom colors to choose from.
If you don't see what you're looking for don't panic, gives us a call at 866-798-6298 or you can email us with your pictures of what you are looking for at and we will help ypu with your inquiry.

John Lomonaco
Lomonaco's Iron Concepts
LIC Rail Supplies

Friday, October 28, 2011

Iron Rail Terminations in Woolwich Township, NJ

The client for this job wanted something different at the bottom of his rail that would make a statement. I think we pulled that off, big time. We had custom iron terminations faux finished to match the designer vintage brass finish of the iron balusters. There were several challenges in designing and implementing these iron terminations. Lomonaco's Iron Concepts and Home Decor once again came through with a solution.

The challenges were how are we going to make this strong and
elegant at the same time. We came up with the solution to weld
legs at the bottom along with a spacer piece to the back of one of
the scrolls that meets the solid oak reeded newel post. The bottom legs are epoxied and wedge screwed in for maximum strength and the scroll is also epoxied in.

We consulted with the homeowners on several occasions with how to go about making a statement at the start of the rail. I believe the homeowner made a statement of his own. He installed the ceramic tile risers himself to give the rail a little touch of Italy. He did a magnificent job with the tile work and his craftsmanship is second to none from what I can see.

It's nice when you get to work with clients that have a natural talent and vision as to exactly what they want. Sometimes their vision isn't always possible but at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor we thrive on the challenge of making the impossible possible.
Also on this project we had to make a curved balcony rail as well. This involved having the handrail and bottom landing tread curved to match exactly to one another and the existing floor radius. I have to mention that this was no eays task being that the radius on the floor is not constant.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts has the finest craftsman working with them to make all the clients needs and wishes a reality. Curve rails are always a little challenging but when they are a tight radius over a short span that poses some unique challenges.

As you see here, this home also had a very long balcony rail overlooking their family room. We used one solid piece of handrail with all the reeded newel posts mounted underneath.

The entire job has all the reeded newel posts mounted under the handrail for a continuous flow and elegant look. This project posed several challenges in the beginning, but with a little thought the professionals at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor were able to overcome.

The project went well, the clients are very happy and that 's the most important thing at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor, 100% customer satisfaction.

If you would like to be added to our long list of satisfied customers call our office now at 856-740-1071 and Beverly will set up your free in-home consultation. If you would like to see more of our work visit our online Photo Gallery at and click on the Photo Gallery tab. You can also email us your request at

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John Lomonaco

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor

Custom Fluted Box Newels in Sicklerville, NJ

This particular job need to have custom box newels made to accommodate the existing stairway configuration. I have to admit I like it when we have to do something custom on a job. These newel posts generally only come 6 1/4" and 7 1/2" wide, we had them designed and fabricated in a 4 1/2" width that fit perfectly in our stairway.

The homeowners were amazed out how the job turned out in the fact that the newel posts were just the right size to flow with everything else being done. The homeowner was very much involved in the design and layout of the iron balusters and wood newel posts, I cannot take all the credit.

This also shows that we are willing to work with individuals that have a vision and design in their mind. Our goal at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor is to make our customers dreams become a reality. We work with homeowners, designers and architects all the time and we have had several challenging requests thrown our way over the years and through our many years of experience at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor we always come through, sometimes under very stringent deadlines.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor has a full time interior decorator / designer on staff to help with pulling the whole project together. Beverly's expertise was not needed on this particular job, however she was on site several times speaking to the homeowner and giving them ideas.

If you would like to have one of our professionally trained staff members meet with you to design the decor of a new room, stairway makeover or custom trim work give our office a call and Beverly will be happy to set up a free consultation with you or visit us on the web at:

Phone: 856-740-1071  /

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John Lomonaco

Sunday, July 31, 2011 New Online Store!

In the picture to the right you can see one of many styles of iron balusters that we carry. We also carry the decorative scroll pattern with many optional pieces to choose from.

We carry all types of wood rail products as well. Seen in the picture is #6900 Raleigh Jr. handrail along with our Savannah pin top reeded newel post #4810R. All of our wood products are made from solid lengths and no finger or butt joints.

If you are interested in purchasing some of the finest stair rail products on the market for you home check us out on the web at or call customer service for help in designing you stairway.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Decorative Iron Panel Design w/ Iron Balusters

As you can see in this photo, we mixed decorative iron panels with solid iron balusters. When applying this type of concept in the design, the possibilities are endless. You can see that when working with the design staff at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts just about anything is possible. Lomonaco's Iron Concepts has a certified interior decorator on staff to ensure that all aspects of the designing of a custom stair rail are met.

Most consumers think that a rail is just a rail, at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts we show are clients that a rail is a major focal point of every home and if designed and installed properly, will become a piece of art. If you would like to work with our rail designer and create a piece of art for your home that will make you the envy of your family and friends call Lomonaco's Iron Concepts today at 856-740-1071 or email us at and Beverly in the office will contact you to set up your free-in home consultation.

Visit us on the web at: and check out our work in the Photo Gallery or become a fan of  ours at:

John Lomonaco
Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor

Friday, April 15, 2011

New Online Store For The Do-It-Yourselfer!

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts is proud to announce the opening of our online store. Here you will find powder coated iron balusters, replacement treads and risers, starting steps and coming soon all wood rail components and iron home decor.

Check us out by clicking on the link and start designing your new stairway!

John Lomonaco

Monday, February 14, 2011

Custom Trimwork in Williamstown New Jersey!

We trimmed out around all the door ways in this home including the front entryway. All of the room openings were framed out and had custom headers installed to give a very elegant look. In this home they had a sheetrock return niche with an interior light installed underneath the header. The homeowner hated this part of their home until now.

We completely remodeled this niche in the wall in the same materials we used in the rest of the house to pull it all together. The homeowner now loves this part of her foyer and will be using this as a focal point instead of trying to hide it.

 As you can see, there is a lot of detail that went into this front entryway surround. We have radius fluted columns with high plinth blocks at the bottom and it makes a seamless transition.

You can see that all of the headers are custom made in our shop. We have a dual axis cnc computerized router machine and we can make custom wood panels to suit your needs.

Call Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor today to set up your free in-home consultation at 856-740-1071 or visit us on the web at

                                                                                       John Lomonaco
                                                                            Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor

Testimonial For Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor!

Debra R. ( Marlton NJ ): Our salesman was on time and very knowledgeable. He walked us through the entire process from start to finish. We changed everything on our stairway, and all phases flowed seamlessly into the next. When they said they were going to be here, they were here, on time and ready to get started. I am very satisfied!

I would recommend Lomonaco's Iron Concepts to anyone looking for a first class professional job!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Testimonials for Lomonaco's Iron Concepts

Regina ( Washington TWP NJ ): We are very happy to give a testimonial for Lomonaco's Iron Concepts. Our salesman was on time and was very patient through all of our questions. He answered every question we had and was more knowledgeable than anyone that came to our home. Their installers stayed at our house well into the evening hours because they knew we had a big family party the next day and we wanted our house in order, and they did it with a smile. Their quality is second to none and I would recommend them to anyone!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Custom Railing in Sewell NJ

In the picture to the right you will see another custom made railing from Lomonaco's Iron Concepts. This rail was installed in a basement in Sewell, NJ. The basement wasn't complete until the railings went in making this a one of a kind stairway to the ultimate man cave.

This rail was done the old fashioned way. It is a complete welded construction. Ther are no visible welds for the eye to see. We developed a system to hide all the welds so the balusters look like they are just sitting there in air.

This procedure of hiding all the welds requires precise cutting of the balusters to the exact angle of the stairway and precision welding. You only get once chance to make the welds perfect. At Lomonaco's Iron Concepts we use only the latest technology and newest equipment in their fabrication process.

All rails and custom iron work is first drawn to exact scale using a computer aided drawing program called FabCad. Lomonaco's Iron Concepts has the latest version of FabCad 2011.

By using FabCad, it assures that we have an exact drawing to supply to our shop so we can fabricate the clients item to the exact measurements and down to the very last detail. This process will help us meet all of our customers needs which is priority #1.

Call Lomonaco's Iron Concepts today at 856-740-1071 to speak with our rail or custom iron designer to put together a one of a kind piece of iron decor or railing for your home or office. You can also email us at

John Lomonaco
Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor, LLC

Visit us online at

LIC Iron New Online Store!

If you are looking for the finest quality iron and wood products on the market today for your stairway makeover then you must shop with us at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts  ( ). We are one stop shop for your rail and iron decor products.

We have our Iron Balusters ready for sale and ship directly to your front door or place of business. We are currently uploading all of our wood rail and stair products and should have them ready for sale and shipment by the end of February, 2011.

We will also be uploading in the very near future all of our iron decor for your home and office so please be patient while we do this.

Al Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor we purchase and supply only the finest materials on the market today. We never jeopardize quality for price. Our goal is to provide all of our customers with the finest materials available to us. If we wouldn't use it in our home we won't supply it to you to use in your home.

After  visiting our website and store you will realize that at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor we are  not like everyone else. The foundation of our company was built on old fashioned family values and that you get exactly what you pay for.

You can get to our store for the finest Iron Balusters and rail and stair parts by visiting our company website, scrolling down  and clicking on the link at the bottom of the Home & Iron Balusters page. Once there please fell free to shop and drop us a line. If you don't find what your looking for email us with your questions and we will respond promptly.

John Lomonaco,
Lomonaco's Iron Concepts