Monday, December 15, 2014

The Perfect Holiday Gifts from LIC Rail Supplies!

It’s that time of year where shopping centers and departments stores are swamped with shoppers searching for the perfect gift. Avoid the headache and stressful atmosphere. LIC Rail Supplies carries a variety of wrought iron decorations and products that are great for giving and receiving.

Give him or her a little something to add to the ambiance of their house or office. Check out some of the iron products and home décor we carry online that will last a lifetime.

Gifts for Her

Nothing says ”you’re beautiful and I appreciate you” like a wrought iron rose. Purchase a meaningful Christmas card, jot down a personalized message and attach it to a gift-wrapped box with this beautiful piece in it. In the future, when she looks at it, she’ll always remember this special holiday season. Check out the other iron home décor pieces that you could purchase for her on our painted iron décor page today.

Gifts for Him

LIC Rail Supplies has something for him too! We offer a variety of products that will add more character to your man’s cave, den or office. We carry a variety of stainless steel home decorations like sports figurines and a number of iron drawer pulls that can give their room a custom feel.  Browse our inventory and find the gift you’ve been waiting to give.

Home Decor Gifts

Ring in the New Year with custom accent pieces and decorations for your home. Add a nice fireplace screen or install new railings on your outside balcony. Add a new wine rack to your kitchen or purchase a new aluminum mailbox to accent your front porch. Treat yourself and change up your living space with something from LIC Rail Supplies today!

Order the perfect gift From LIC Rail Supplies. For more information on our products, contact us at 866-798-6249. Place your order today!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Famous Stair Cases Throughout History

LIC Rail Supplies specializes in home improvements and staircase remodeling. We offer top of the line products including wrought iron décor, wooden balusters, powder coat accessories and more to help add style and sophistication to any part of your home. Below are a few famous staircases that are comprised of these different parts. From simple wooden staircases to dynamic wrought iron staircases, these artistic creations have left their mark for a reason.

Shirley Temple & Bill Bojangles Staircase

The staircase where little Shirley Temple tap-danced her way into our hearts alongside Bill Bojangles in 1953 was designed with different wood components. From wooden steps, wooden rails and wooden handrails rails, this staircase added depth to the movie in a very simple way.

Sound of Music Staircase

The split staircase in the 1965 movie “The Sound of Music” is designed with clean and tasteful railing and wooden handrails. The staircase was featured throughout the movie as the children left their rooms to answer their father’s whistle and line up from oldest to youngest. It is most remembered for the scene when the von Trapp children performed their “Farewell song” at the party before retiring to their rooms for the evening.

The Bradbury Building

This beautifully designed staircase in the historic Los Angeles Bradbury Building has been featured in many movies including ‘500 Days of Summer’. Its unique design of marble stairs with ornate wrought iron railings and beautiful polished oak wood handrails throughout the interior adds a type of elegance to the overall Romanesque feel of the building.

The Titanic Staircase

The Grand Staircase on the Titanic was designed for first-class passengers to use. This very elegant staircase was made of oak wood paneling, bronze cherubs that supported the lamps on the railings and iron banister grillwork and ormolu garlands. Descending five levels down from the boat deck to the F-deck and featured large glass domes for natural light to enter during the days, its design depicted “honor and glory”. 

The Spiral Vatican Staircase

The famous spiral double helix staircase at The Vatican was designed in 1932 and is one of the most photographed in the world. The actual steps of this staircase are somewhere between steps and a ramp. This unique staircase is a combination of 2 separate staircases, one leading upward and the other leading down. It’s clever design is said to represent life itself as it is designed similar to that of a double helical DNA strand.

Transform Your Staircase with LIC Rail Supplies

Hopefully these famous staircases helped bring some creative inspiration to your new staircase remodel! Here at LIC Rail Supplies, we are happy to help you reinvent your staircase. No matter if you want a full wrought iron staircase or a simple and elegant wooden staircase, we will work with you to make your vision a reality. Feel free to email us at with any questions you may have or to place an order. We look forward to transforming your staircase soon!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Custom Ironwork from LIC Rail Supplies

Lomonaco’s Iron Concepts specializes in making your home more elegant than ever before by
installing our custom ironwork throughout your home. Our products range from custom iron staircases to elegant outdoor products including: gates, light fixtures, and mailboxes all custom designed to match the ironwork inside of your home. All of our ironwork adds a rustic charm to your home that is unparalleled by any of our competitors.

Don't Sacrifice Beauty for Safety

Why settle for standard, dull iron gates when you can get custom ironwork from LIC Rail Supplies? With our wide selection of entrance/driveway gates, you can be secure with style. Iron gates are extremely durable and are an excellent way to show your neighbors and guests that you are someone of power and importance who also has a keen sense of style.

Custom Mailboxes

Another beautiful product we offer is our selection of aluminum mailboxes, which pair beautifully with our outdoor iron décor. Our mailboxes add a classic touch to any home and truly make you stand out from the rest of the houses in your area. 

Place an Order Today

So what are you waiting for? Add some style and sophistication to your home with our custom iron concepts from LIC Rail Supplies. Contact us or place an order online today!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Transforming A Builders Grade Pine Stairway to Modern Hardwood Stairs & Iron Balusters

Getting a little tired of that carpet staircase? It may be time for you to start looking at some ways to make your staircase look a little classier by replacing that old carpeting with hardwood. Maybe your rails need some work too. Either way, the professionals at LIC Rail Supplies have got you covered.

We have a large variety of iron balusters and hardwoods that will make your staircase look fantastic. If you haven’t thought about remodeling your staircase at all, maybe we can provide you with a little inspiration on how beautiful new hardwood stairs and iron balusters can provide your home with a completely new, clean look.

Transform Any Home

Whether you’re looking for a powerful, classical look or a more modern look we can provide you with the essentials you need. Take a look at this wonderful staircase from our gallery. With this particular staircase, we used a variety of iron balusters to create an elegant pattern that blends in perfectly with such dark wood.

This look, or a similar one, has the ability to transform what was a boring, straightforward builders stairway into a luxurious and elegant one. A staircase as beautiful as this will drastically change the look of your home and the atmosphere within it.

Contact LIC Rail Supplies Today

Hopefully this has gotten some creative ideas flowing for you! If not, give us a call today at 866-798-6249. Our qualified sales representatives and designers would love to help create a beautiful concept you are sure to enjoy!

Friday, March 14, 2014

The New Era of Interior Railing Design

For years, interior stairway railing design consisted of traditional wood newel posts paired with
matching wooden balusters. Today however, the design trend has changed. Nowadays, beautiful powder-coated iron balusters have become an interior design craze. In comparison to most interior design upgrades, replacing wood balusters with iron is inexpensive and a rather straight-forward project to undertake as it's not necessary to remove or dismantle the wood handrail and newel posts.

When stunning powder-coated iron balusters are blended with a wood handrail and newel posts, the results are impressive as a powerful, visual contrast is created. Because a staircase is often the first thing people see when they walk into a home, it becomes the focal point at the entrance of the home and especially if the styles and materials used go well with the home's architecture and interior décor.

Endless Options for Custom Designs

Today, homeowners are demanding that balusters feature high quality finishes. To meet this demand, LIC Rail Supplies offers high quality powder-coated balusters which are available in many standard colors. Some of the stock colors we offer on our quality iron balusters include black, copper, vein, oil rubbed bronze, oil rubbed copper, vintage brass, dark champagne, antique nickel and many more.  We also can accurately custom-color balusters to match virtually anything in the stairway or nearby vicinity. All the powder-coated balusters we sell come with a lifetime warranty on the finish and construction for added value and your long-lasting peace of mind.

The powder-coated balusters we offer are available in a wide variety of designs ranging from thin single twists to more elaborate double-S scroll designs with a thicker profile. All the powder-coated iron balusters we carry are made by metal artisans who painstakingly craft the balusters in fine detail.

For our customers who wish to replace their existing handrails, we offer a wide selection of beautiful wood handrails made from a variety of quality wood species such as walnut, hard maple, cherry, poplar, red oak, white oak, hickory, Brazilian cherry and beech. 

Contact LIC Rail Supplies Today 

If you are interested in a stairway makeover and need assistance, our on-staff interior decorator/designer can help you come up with a beautiful custom design. We'll work closely with you to develop a stairway redesign to meet your individual tastes and needs. We also can work from drawings or photos.

We are a leading South Jersey staircase specialist that has a long list of satisfied customers who've come to rely on us for their home improvement and interior decorating needs. We'd love to be able to add your name to that list so please contact us at your earliest convenience for a free estimate and design assistance at 866-798-6249!