Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Railing and Wainscoting in Cherry Hill New Jersey

The photos below will show that Lomonaco's Iron Concepts is a full service stair and custom carpentry company. We installed new treads and risers, new custom made box newels and wooden handrail with Tuscan style iron balusters. we also installed all the wainscoting going up the stairway.

This job presented a major challenge. The homeowner installed the hardwood flooring without realizing some of the issues that he encounter once it came time to do the railing and steps.

We identified the structural problems and went over them with the homeowner and he understood what needed to be be done. The other challenge that we had to overcome was matching the wood grain and look.

The hardwood flooring was Bolivian Rosewood and was absolutely gorgeous. the problem with this is that they don't make treads and rail components in Bolivian Rosewood. 

This was a challenge at first but with the experience of the designers and craftsman at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts and the many resources that we have at our fingertips,this challenge turned out not to be as difficult as originally thought.

We researched and came up with the conclusion that we could use Cherry for the handrail and bottom skirtboard and Tiete Rosewood for the treads. Once everything was professionally stained and painted by Lomonaco's Iron Concepts everything came to life.

As you can see in the photo to the right we made the wainscoting very simple with clean lines. This blends in nicely with the risers that are painted white.

The large box newel posts that you see on this job were not bought, they were custom made by Lomonaco's Iron Concepts to fit the specifications needed to pull this job together. the box newels were made out of clear poplar and painted white to give a dramatic contract between the handrail, treads and iron balusters but yet tied in with the risers and wainscoting.

If you would like to see what the designers at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts can do with your home give us a call at 856-740-1071 or email us at and we will schedule your free consultation today.

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John Lomonaco

Custom Iron Work in Sewell New Jersey

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts fabricated and installed this beautiful custom made shelf. This piece of iron is made from 3/4" square hammered tubing. The front of the shelf is then precision rolled using a state of the art roller to the exact radius needed to match the designers print. Lomonaco's Iron Concepts applied a hand polished finish to the metal for a elegant look.

You can see that within the design we used not only hammered steel components but also solid brass components. If you look closely, mounted within the diamonds are solid brass medallions.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts imported these brass medallions directly from Italy to ensure that they will not be duplicated very easily. We then proceeded to polish them to a mirror look and then applied a clear coat to ensure they stay looking like the day they were first polished.

This particular piece has a piece of 1/4" annealed glass with polished edges and a light bronze tint. If you would like to have a piece of custom iron work designed for a specific area in your home call Lomonaco's Iron Concepts today at 856-740-1071 or email us at and we will schedule for our designer to meet with you.

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John Lomonaco

Deck Balusters & Copper Post Caps

A lot of people don't realize that you can use iron balusters for your deck rails. they can be intermixed with many of the wood and composite decking materials on the market today. You will see in this photo that the homeowner used the 1" flat iron balusters with the bow out on the bottom. We call this a belly buster baluster. A little bit of a tongue twister I know, but nevertheless they add a lot of character to the deck.

This particular deck is made with composite materials. You can see that with iron balusters installed it gives you that old world look of of Italy.

When installing the iron balusters on the face of the horizontal rails Lomonaco's Iron Concepts only uses stainless steel fasteners. This insures that there will be no rusting fasteners and rust lines running down the face of your beautiful deck.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts can take your old deck and breathe new life back into it. Call today  856-740-1071 or email us at to speak to one of our designers and let Lomonaco's Iron Concepts update your deck.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Custom made Wine Rack

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts is more than just a stair company. We offer design, fabrication and installation services to our clients. We have the ability to design all types of iron home decor and mix wood and stone components with it.

Here you see a custom made wine rack. This is something every wine enthusiast should have. This wine rack was clear coated in a natural steel color tone and then accented with guilders paste to bring the accent components to life.

This wine rack from Lomonaco's Iron Concepts holds up to 18 full size bottles of your favorite wines. This is a free standing wine rack that takes up very little floor space.

This is a great Christmas gift for the wine enthusiast in your family. If you would like to give this item as a gift for Christmas, now is the time to order.

Call Lomonaco's Iron Concepts today and reserve your custom made wine rack for the holidays at 856-740-1071 or you can email the sales department at

John Lomonaco

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Complete Stairway Makeover in East Brunswick NJ

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts took the existing stairway from bland to grand. This stairway originally had gray carpet on it and then we stepped in. We removed all the carpet and staples on the steps and intermediate landing in preparation for new hardwoods. This customer had already had Santos Mahogany flooring installed on the lower level floors so we used mahogany for all the wood rail and stair components except for the risers.

Because the risers were getting painted on this job we did not have to use mahogany. We were able to use poplar for the risers which is a real an affordable species of wood and it paints up real nice and smooth.

We used solid mahogany wood planks on the landing. By doing this it makes the landing look exactly like the treads on the steps. this gives the stairway a continuous look all the way down the stairs.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts makes using matching wood planks on the landing a job standard not an upgrade. Lomonaco's Iron Concepts is one of the leading suppliers and installers of iron balusters, treads and risers in the south jersey area.

The picture to the right is a close up of the bottom stainless steel shoes. These shoes are not available to be used in an angled baluster application. I know what you're thinking, this guy is not looking at the photo right?

I am looking at the photo and I can tell you that Lomonaco's Iron Concepts has state of the art equipment to tackle the challenges that other companies cannot.

I made a custom jig to the precise angle of the stairway and by using my milling machine, I milled these these stainless steel shoes to be able to be used on a angled rail.

My client told me that they had several other companies in their surrounding area meet with them and they all told them that what I did couldn't be done. I guess they would feel foolish if they read this blog.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts has over 25 years experience in the stair rail industry. We look for the challenges that other companies either don't have the expertise to solve or just walk away without even trying. If you would like to meet with me John Lomonaco, leading rail designer and have me design a beautiful custom stairway for your home call me today at 856-740-1071 or email me directly at and I'll make sure we get you scheduled for a free in-home consultation.

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John Lomonaco

Custom Iron Coffe Table in South Jersey!

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts designed and fabricated the coffee table in the picture to the right for a client in south jersey. This iron table was designed and fabricated by John Lomonaco Sr., the owner of Lomonaco's Iron Concepts.

The design was inspired from a picture in  magazine of a railing overlooking the coastline of Italy. I then took that inspiration and was able to incorporate it in my table design.

The material used on this piece is all furniture grade steel. The wavy bars are made from 3/8" square solid bar and bent on one of custom iron benders for exact precision.

The legs on this table were cut out of a piece of 4" x 1/4" steel plate. I then started to taper them evenly on each side to form a nice consistent form. I then proceeded to curve, bend and form the leg to the exact size they needed to be.

I ordered the granite from All Marble & Granite in Cherry Hill. I've used them for all my granite needs. I highly recommend them to anyone needing granite, marble, tile etc... If you would like to have some custom iron work designed for your home give me a call at 856-740-1071 or email directly at and we'll start designing your custom iron decor today!

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John Lomonaco

Custom Made Flower Pot in Sewell, New Jersey

John Lomonaco of Lomonaco's Iron Concepts designed this flower pot as a surprise for his wife. The flower pot is made from #16gauge sheet metal and is rolled to form a funnel effect. The decorative scroll legs are made out of 1 1/4" x 5/16" hammered flat bar. The ends of the scrolls are then hand forged and flared out for a dramatic look.

This piece of custom iron work was a surprise for my wife for Christmas a few years back. Once I gave it to my wife she picked out all the flowers she wanted to match the color tones of our house. She then worked with a local florist to bring all the flowers to life.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts fabricated this custom piece of iron work, powder coated the piece in a gold metallic finish and installed the unit with the large steel vase.

If you would like to have one of these custom made flower pot and stand for your home call Lomonaco's Iron Concepts today at 856-740-1071 or you can email me directly at and I will make sure your information is forwarded to the proper department.

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