Monday, December 7, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

1.)  Are your spindles solid steel or hollow?
Answer:  All the spindles that Lomonaco's Iron Concepts uses are solid steel. Hollow spindles are not structurally sound enough to meet our very strict standards.

2.)  Are your spindles sprayed painted or powder coated and what is the difference?
Answer:  The spindles that are used by Lomonaco's Iron Concepts are all powder coated. We do not use any spindles that are spray painted. Spindles with a spray painted finish are of poor quality and the finish does not last very long. Spindles that are powder coated go through a 5 stage pre-treatment wash system and then receive a thermofused baked on powder coated finish. Powder coated finishes when properly maintained will last a lifetime without recoating.

3.)  Do I have to replace my wood handrail and posts when I replace my spindles?
Answer:  When I first started renovating interior staircases most clients just replaced the spindles and kept the builder grade wood handrail and posts. Ove the last couple of years 95% of my clients are replacing everythin on the staircase. You do not have to replace the existing wood handrail and posts but the trend lately has been to replace everything.

4.)  When I replace my railing, do I have to replace my treads and risers?
Answer:  If you have a closed stairway and your spindles do not go into the treads then you can replace the railing without replacing the treads. If you have an open stairway and your spindles go into the step treads themselves then you would need to replace the treads at the same time you replace the railing.

5.)  Is it vey messy to change my spindles only?
Answer:  Most spindle only renovations are done in one day and are not messy at all. When we are done, it will look like no one was ever there except for the new look of your staircase.

6.)  Is it messy to do a full staircase renovation including railing, treads and risers?
Answer:  Obviously the larger the renovation the more of a chance to have a dirty atmosphere, however at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts, not only do we clean up at the end of every day but we also keep things tidy during the day as we work. Lomonaco's Iron Concepts prides itself on the idea that when your job is done, you never even know we were there.

7.)  What is the main reason customers change their existing handrail and posts?
Answer:  Most clients have standard builders grade handrails and posts which are usually made of Red Oak. Most clients today are installing dark hardwood flooring in either Cherry, Mahogany, Maple or Brazilian Cherry. Once you have wood that is stained it is not recommended that you stain over top of it to make it a darker color so you need to replace it. When our clients replace their existing wood handrails and posts they pick out very different wood components than  what their builder gave them. Bt doing so they change a bland stairway to a very grand estately stairway.

8.)  Is it very expensive to replace existing wood handrails & posts?
Answer:  This is a very difficult question to answer because you have to take several things into consideration. First, everyone has different ideas on what is expensive. The most important thing I tell my clients is design the stairway that you dream of and let Lomonaco's Iron Concepts work on making your dream a reality within your budget. Of course not all dreams are economical. At Lomonaco's Iron Concepts you meet with staircase designer to go over all your needs and specifications and then we design a stairway to meet all your needs and concerns.
If a staircase is done properly a homeowner should see a 70%-80% return on their investment. We have renovations to fit everyone's budget.

9.)  Why do people remove their carpet to put in hardwood on their steps?
Answer:  At Lomonaco's Iron Concepts most of our clients replace the carpet with the hardwood because the elegant look they will receive whenthe renovation is done. Most clients are staining the treads to match the new wood handrail and posts and painting the risers a bright white to match the trim in their house.
Also by staining the treads and painting the risers, it gives the illusion of a larger and grandeur staircase.

10.)  What is the most popular renovation you recommend to your clients?
Answer:  At  Lomonaco's Iron Concepts our staircase designers take all the questions and concerns into consideration before recommending a renovation course. Most often than not our clients leave it up to our designers to design the staircase of their  dreams where they will receive the most bang-for-their-buck.
Lomonaco's Iron Concepts has been building interior railings for many years and has developed a large array of ideas that are used to design every clients stairway.

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John Lomonaco-- President
A Better Business Bureau Accredited Business

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Custom Driveway & Pedestrian Gates

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts offers one of the largest selection of custom made driveway and pedestrian gates in the industry.

Handcrafted to meet your individaul tastes and needs. Combine elements to fit your taste. Be creative.

We also work from drawings or photos. We are your custom fabricator so let your imagination run wild.

Visit our online showroom at  and use the pass code  ( LIC ) to access our photo gallery.

Call today for a free in home consultation with one of our custom iron specialists and start the transformation process off right, start with the professionals at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts   "A Step Above The Rest"

John Lomonaco--President

Remodeling Treads & Risers

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts is one of the leading suppliers and installers of replacement treads and risers. Our refacing system is second to none in the industry. Our replacement treads and risers are designed to look as if they have been part of your original staircase.

Our manufacturer offers the finest materials in the industry and has a custom wood shop that produces the trreads and risers from rough lumber all the way to the finish product. Each tread and riser is made to specific specifications for every job.

At Lomonaco's Iron Concepts we offer Treads and Risers both finished & unfinished in 16 different species.

          * Austrsalian Cypress                                  * Andiroba
          * American Cherry                                      * Birch
          * American Walnut                                      * Hickory
          * Brazilian Cherry / Jatoba                           * Maple
          * Brazilian Teak / Cumaru                            * White Oak
          * Brazilian Walnut / IPE                               * Sapele
          * Santos Mahogany                                     * Tiete Rosewood / Patagonian Cherry
          * Tigerwood / Brazilian Koa
          * Red Oak  ( Natural, Butterscotch, Gunstock )

* Other species & custom colors are avavailable by special order.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts also offers the following:

          * Double Starting Steps
          * Single Starting Steps
          * Double Mitered Return Treads
          * Single Mitred Return Treads  ( Left Hand & Right Hand )
          * Plain Treads  ( No Return on Ends )

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts also offers varies profiles of handrails and newel posts. Our catalog of handrails, newel posts and other rail components are on our website. Please visit us today:

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts    "A Step Above The Rest"

John Lomonaco-- President

Exterior Aluminum Railings

When you think of outside railings you probalby think of wrought iron railings right? Well at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts we think differently. We believe that most customers want a no-maintenance product in todays world.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts is proud to say that we have exactly what you're looking for. We offer maintenance free heavy gauge aluminum exterior railings, gates, fences and balcony railings. If you can imagine it, we can fabricate it.  All of our exterior railings are put through a five stage pretreatment process and is fully self contained and VOC-free. We have a standard powder  coated finish for residential applications and special coatings for applications near shore points.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts uses only the finest quality materials in the fabrication of our aluminum railings. All railings are completely welded construction and made to order. Every rail we make is made to the exact specifications to fit your needs.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts offers the following types of railings:

          * Step Rails
          * Porch Rails
          * Deck Rails
          * Balcony Rails
          * ADA Compliant Railings
          * Ramp Railings
          * Fences & Gates
          * Special Applications

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Lomonaco's Iron Concepts  "A Step Above The Rest"

John Lomonaco-- President

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts article in My Community Trend

Step up your stairway or transform the inside of your home today with Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor.

The Sewell-based business specializes in custom fabricated staircases, custom iron furniture, iron accessories and interior decorating and design said owner John Lomonaco.

We take out old builders grade wooden spindles and replace them with powder coated iron spindles. We also have the resources to remove and replace your entire stairway. We can also update your outdated look by putting in new replacement treads and risers, newel posts and handrails. Lomonaco's Iron Concepts has many handrail and newel post profiles to choose from. We have a style for every home decor Lomonaco said.

Our main focus is on Interior Decorating and Iron railings with wood top and posts for which there are "an infinite amount of finishes & styles," including vein, metallic and texture finishes. The most popular finishes are Satin Black & Copper Vein which has a timeless feel that never goes out of style.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts also can take a old fashioned carpeted stairway and transform it into an updated elegant stairway by replacing the treads and risers with many types of hardwoods ( Mahogany, Cherry, Brazillian Cherry, Maple & Oak ) to name a few. We can do this on an open, closed or curved stairway. If that is not the best way to go we can replace your entire old stairway with a custom built new stairway.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts transforms the bland to grand and we emphasize a personal approach to every customers project whether large or small. At Lomonaco's Iron Concepts, we don't look at our clients as strangers, by the end of their project they become friends because of the constant communication during the project. Once we develop that relationship, they know they can deal with only one company for most of their home improvement projects.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts also offers interior decorating & design services, Beverly Lomonaco is a certified interior decorator and can help add style to any home.

Lomonaco's Iron Conceptsis also a proud distributor of Arte-De-Mexico, which offers a variety of interior design products, including ornamental iron tables, log racks, fireplace screens and more. Customers also can rely on us for painting and staining services along with hardwood flooring, granite countertops and custom wood working.

All of Lomonaco's Iron Concepts' sales arfe done within the home, and an array of samples are shown during the free consultation. You can see and feel exactly what the handrail will look and feel like on your hand. The business generally serves all of South Jersey, but can work with clients outside the area as well.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts' ultimate goal is for our customers to be 100% satisfied so they feel comfortable recommending us to family and friends. Our company's reputation means everything and our crafmanship and professionalism is secodn to none in the industry.

Visit us on the web at: and start designing your dream stairway.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts, "A Step Above The Rest"

John Lomonaco-- President

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts Affiliations

Beter Business Bureau
Google: Lomonaco's Iron Concepts

Gloucester County Chamber Of Commerce
Google: Gloucester County Chamber Of Commerce

National Association of the Remodeling Industry  ( NARI )
Connie DeHut:
Google: Nari

New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs
Google: New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs

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John Lomonaco--President

Testimonials for Lomonaco's Iron Concepts

Sue K. ( Marlton NJ ): I love my railing! It Looks Fabulous! I wish there were more companies like Lomonaco's Iron Concepts. When we were dealing with the salesman, he answered all of our questions and then some. He showed us he was knowledgeable about his products and the entire installation process. When they said they were going to be there, they were there on time and ready to start my job. Their cleanup was immaculate. Overall I was very satisfied with Lomonaco's Iron Concepts and would recommend them to everyone.

Michelle D. ( Sewell NJ ): Our salesman was very well mannered, personable and very patient in regards to all the questions we had for him. He took his time and made sure me and my husband both understood the differences between a quality iron baluster and wood rail components and what you would find online or in the big chain stores. We were more than satisfied with the quality of the work and the professionalism that was demonstrated. I recommend Lomonaco's Iron Concepts to anyone.

Susan D. ( Moorestown NJ ): The installers were great. they cleaned up after themselves so good, it was like no one was ever there. Everyone was great from the carpenter, painter and iron baluster installer. Everything flowewd seamlessly. They are truly great at what they do.

Regina ( Washington Twp NJ ): We are very happy to give a testimonial for Lomonaco's Iron Concepts. Our salesman was on time and was very patient through all of our questions. He answered every question we had and was more knowledgeable than anyone that came to our home. Their installers stayed at our house well into the evening hours because they knew we had a big family party the next day and we wnated our house in order, and they did it with a smile. their quality is second to none and I would recommend them to anyone.

Debra R. ( Marlton NJ ): Our salesman was on time and very knowledgeable. He walked us through the entire process from start to finish. We changes everything on our stairway, and all phases flowed seamlessly into the next. When they said they were going to be here, they were here, on time and ready to get started. I am very satisfied!

Karen A. ( Mt. Laurel NJ ): Lomonaco's Iron Concepts had exactly what i was looking for. They were more knowledgeable about the products they were selling and the process in which everything would happen. Their installers were excellent craftsman and they cleaned up the job immaculately.

Danielle A. ( Turnersville NJ ): Our salesman was so personable, he felt like a friend of the family. He took the time to show us on our stairway what was wrong and what would need to be done besides just changing balusters. He suggested we change all the wood including the posts and that it would be money better spent. Our job is now done and I'm so glad that we called for one last estimate. Lomonaco's Iron Concepts was not the cheapest estimate we received buth they were by far the best company for the job. I am so happy that we had Lomonaco's Iron Concepts do our stairway, we will definitely be calling them back in the future for oterh services they offer.

Mike M. ( Cherry Hill NJ ): My salesman was great. He took the time to answer all my questions and he guided me in the right direction to match the decor of my home. The installers were fabuloue! They were pleasant and very professional. They cleaned up after themselves and left the jobsite exactly the way they found it, Clean! I love my railing that Lomonaco's Iron Concepts designed for me and I would recommend them to anyone!

Visit us on the web at:  or call for a free estimate at 856-740-1071

John Lomonaco-- President

Monday, November 2, 2009

Welcome to Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor

Setting the Standard in South Jersey Home Improvement, Custom Iron Work, Custom Staircases, Complete Staircase Renovations and Custom Woodwork.

Give your house a makeover with a variety of decorative home improvement services, including Custom Iron Work, Custom Woodwork, Custom Staircase Renovations, Custom Staircases and Interior Decorating by Beverly Lomonaco a certified Interior Decorator and much more from Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor in Sewell, New Jersey.

Staircase Specialists:
Specializing in exquisitely crafted custom wood top railings with iron spindles, you can choose from countless classic styles or work with a staircase specialist to create a custom staircase all your own. Our powder coated iron balusters and custom wood spindle railings must be seen to be believed, so please visit our photo gallery page on our website at; to view a wonderful selection of our work.

Add Beauty and Value to Your Property:
Whether replacing and entire staircase or just remodeling and existing staircase with powder coated iron balusters or having a custom iron table or balcony railing be made and working with our interior decorating department, home improvments add value and curb appeal to your property. Lomonaco's Iron Concepts is committed to fullfilling your home renovation dreams as quickly and smoothly as possible, leaving a lasting impression on you and anyone viewing your home.

Handcrafted Iron Home Decor:
Add a touch of unique elegance to your home with our handcrafted wrought iron home decor. From complete dining room tables to individual candle holders, to custom wine bottle stands, our iron accents and accessories combine rustic charm and contemporary style, making them an exquisite focla point of any room in your home. Visit our Photo Gallery page on our websit at: to view some of our amazing wrought iron home decor pieces.

John Lomonaco-- President
Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor's Guarantee

At Lomonaco's Iron Concepts, our #1 Priority is Complete Customer Satisfaction. No matter how big or small the customers needs or concerns are, Lomonaco's Iron Concepts will be there to ensure that each customer is more than satisfied with our company and products.

So at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts, we guarantee that if for any reason you feel unsatisfied with the level of service or quality of products that you have received from our company, we will make every effort to work with you and make you a happy customer.

At Lomonaco's Iron Concepts, we believe it is important to provide excellent customer care after the products are installed on your home, as it is before. Therefore at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts, we believe by providing excellent customer service before and after the job is done we will ensure the continuing return of our customers for all their home improvement needs.

Visit us on the web at:  or call us at 856-740-1071 to set up your free in-home consultation with a staircase specialists.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts, A Step Above The Rest!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

History of Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor is  fully licensed and insured in the state of New Jersey. We are listed on the New Jersey Division Of Consumer Affairs website as a registered home improvement company. Lomonaco's Iron Concepts is also an Accredited Business with the New Jersey Better Business Bureau. Lomonaco's Iron Concepts is also a proud member of the Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce and the National Association Of  The Remodeling Industry ( NARI ).

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor is a family owned and operated home improvement company consisting of a husband, wife and son team with an excellent reputation of providing amazing craftmanship, superior customer service, and attention to detaqil unmatched in the home improvement industry.

Our "No Stone Left Unturned" approach has earned us a long list of satisfied customers throughout the South Jersey area who continue to rely on us for their home improvement and interior decorating needs.

Satisfaction Nad Quality Guaranteed

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor takes pride in the quality, as well as the longevity, of all our work. We are so confident in our work that we back all of our services with a full satisfaction guarantee. Please review all of our services to learn how we can beautify your home.

The Lomonaco's Iron Concepts & Home Decor Difference:

Your home is your biggest investment, and choosing the right company for your home improvement project is a very important decision. So why should you choose Lomonaco's Iron Concepts? Because there is a difference at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts!

Family Values You Can Trust. One of the first things you'll notice about Lomonaco's Iron Concepts is the family-oriented approach we take towards handling our customers needs. Throughout the years, family values have helped build many trusting and long-standing relationships with all of our valued customers, keeping them coming back time and time again for their home improvement needs.

Reputation for Excellence. Our reputation for excellence has been the building block of our copmpany. each and every new customer at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts adds to that excellent reputation through their complete satisfaction with our products and services.

Commitment to Quality. When it comes to quality, no stone is left unturned at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts. From start to finish, all of our products are meticulously inspected throughout the entire process to ensure they meet or exceed our strict quality standards. Never settling for second best is what keeps us committed to providing our customers with the finest products on the market.

Superior Products. The products that Lomonaco's Iron Concepts provides are ranked amongst the industry's best. We do not sacrafice quality in order to cut costs when it comes to products we provide.

Selection and Customization. When it comes to selection, Lomonaco's Iron Concepts has one of the largest selections of powder coated balusters, stainless steel with brass and swarovski crystal balusters and much, much more. In addition to our large selection, we have the ability to customize our products to meet your unique taste and home specifications.

Highly Trained and Qualified Installers. A fine home improvement product is only as good as its installation. Therefore, in order to properly represent the quality of our products, we are determined to provide customers with only the best skilled craftsman around. That's why our installers are friendly, organized, clean and meticulous when working in your home. You can feel comfort in knowing that lomonaco's Iron Concepts goal is to treat your home asif it were our own!

Warranties You Can Rely On. We understand the importance of being there for you, even after the products are installed on your home. That is why we use only the finest products on the market today, as well as offer a free one-year service warranty on all installed products. So now you can feel confident  that you are making the right choice when you entrust Lomonaco's Iron Concepts with your home improvement projects.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Custom Finished Iron Spindles

At Lomonaco's Iron Concepts we pride ourselves on our ability to be able to put many special finishes on iron spindles, custom iron work and just about anything made of metal. We offer many finishes like textured powder, vein finishes, metallic finishes and hand applied finishes and polishing with clear coat as a protective top coat.

We have many years of powder coating experience which shows when yhou order a custom finish on your spindles. Lomonaco's Iron Concepts has only been established for two years but I have over 20 years of custom iron work and interior staircases from growing up in a family business.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts is the only company that has the ability to purchase, manufacture, custom finish and install iron spindles. All iron installations are performed by the owner of the company and his son . we arfe very hands on and leave no stone unturned.

Because of Lomonaco's Iron Concepts ability to work with builders,designers and decorators you can guarantee that you are dealing with one of the best in the industry.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts in an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau, a proud memeber of the Gloucester County Chamber of Commerce and The National Association of the Remodeling Industry ( NARI ).

Please check us out on the web at

John Lomonaco-- President

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Powder Coated Balusters

Powder coated balusters were designed to stand the test of time. Powder coating is much more durable than regular spray painting. It is a baked on finish that is designed for long lasting beauty.
When it comes to purchasing powder coated balusters there are many things to look for. The main thing if the price seems to good to be true it usually is.

When the same looking baluster is dramatically priced from one supplier to another, most of the time there is a good reason. There are many companies that sell powder coated balusters both on the internet and even in the big chain home improvement centers. Beware what you buying! Once the iron balusters are installed they are very expensive to replace due to poor quality bad finishes etc.

I have found over the years that there is only 3 suppliers I will buy my powder coated balusters from. They are more expensive than most suppliers but not by much, but the benefit of peace of mind that I know I'm using the best quality products on the market for my clients is priceless.

My clients are usually educated and professional individuals and they know the difference between good quality and just a good price. It makes sense to say that you "Get What You Pay For" in this world. Most contractors and remodelers today are fighting for business and usually the number one obstacle they run into is pricing.

I let my clients know that I will not jeopordize quality for price and I do this for their benefit and mine. The benefit that they receive is piece of mind in knowing that the best materials available on the market today are being used in their homes. The benefit to me is in knowing that I'm giving my customers the best products on the market today.

Powder coated iron spindles are not new to the market. They have been around for over 10 years but the public is just now learning about them. I've been working in the ornamental iron and stair rail industry for over 20 years and I know the difference between good quality products and products that just have a cheap price tag.

Visit our company website at  and you will geta small look at what we are capable of doing. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make a dramatic impact on your stairway. let Lomonaco's Iron Concepts design your new stairway for you.

John Lomonaco