Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Powder Coated Balusters

Powder coated balusters were designed to stand the test of time. Powder coating is much more durable than regular spray painting. It is a baked on finish that is designed for long lasting beauty.
When it comes to purchasing powder coated balusters there are many things to look for. The main thing if the price seems to good to be true it usually is.

When the same looking baluster is dramatically priced from one supplier to another, most of the time there is a good reason. There are many companies that sell powder coated balusters both on the internet and even in the big chain home improvement centers. Beware what you buying! Once the iron balusters are installed they are very expensive to replace due to poor quality bad finishes etc.

I have found over the years that there is only 3 suppliers I will buy my powder coated balusters from. They are more expensive than most suppliers but not by much, but the benefit of peace of mind that I know I'm using the best quality products on the market for my clients is priceless.

My clients are usually educated and professional individuals and they know the difference between good quality and just a good price. It makes sense to say that you "Get What You Pay For" in this world. Most contractors and remodelers today are fighting for business and usually the number one obstacle they run into is pricing.

I let my clients know that I will not jeopordize quality for price and I do this for their benefit and mine. The benefit that they receive is piece of mind in knowing that the best materials available on the market today are being used in their homes. The benefit to me is in knowing that I'm giving my customers the best products on the market today.

Powder coated iron spindles are not new to the market. They have been around for over 10 years but the public is just now learning about them. I've been working in the ornamental iron and stair rail industry for over 20 years and I know the difference between good quality products and products that just have a cheap price tag.

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John Lomonaco

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