Friday, November 19, 2010

Custom Iron Railing Panel in Haddonfield, New Jersey

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts custom made this iron panel from a picture out of a magazine. Now the iron panel was not designed to match the picture given exactly. The homeowner gave some leway for Lomonaco's Iron Concepts to put there individual stamp on the design.

As you can see this decorative panel is used as the focal point of this balcony rail overlooking the family room.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts fabricated this decorative iron panel using all solid steel components, bending them the necessary angles and curving them to the proper radius' to form this beautiful piece of iron art.

This panel was cleaned up by hand by the artisians at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts. It was then put through a three stage automatic wash system which ensures a perfectly clean surface for painting.

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts then proceeded to apply a decorative baked on satin black powder coated finish to this beautiful piece of art. The moment the panel came out of  the oven this piece of art came to life. Once the homeowner saw the panel installed in their home they were amazed at the dramatic effect it has on the entire rail system. It is truely the focal point of the entire rail system.

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