Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Railing and Wainscoting in Cherry Hill New Jersey

The photos below will show that Lomonaco's Iron Concepts is a full service stair and custom carpentry company. We installed new treads and risers, new custom made box newels and wooden handrail with Tuscan style iron balusters. we also installed all the wainscoting going up the stairway.

This job presented a major challenge. The homeowner installed the hardwood flooring without realizing some of the issues that he encounter once it came time to do the railing and steps.

We identified the structural problems and went over them with the homeowner and he understood what needed to be be done. The other challenge that we had to overcome was matching the wood grain and look.

The hardwood flooring was Bolivian Rosewood and was absolutely gorgeous. the problem with this is that they don't make treads and rail components in Bolivian Rosewood. 

This was a challenge at first but with the experience of the designers and craftsman at Lomonaco's Iron Concepts and the many resources that we have at our fingertips,this challenge turned out not to be as difficult as originally thought.

We researched and came up with the conclusion that we could use Cherry for the handrail and bottom skirtboard and Tiete Rosewood for the treads. Once everything was professionally stained and painted by Lomonaco's Iron Concepts everything came to life.

As you can see in the photo to the right we made the wainscoting very simple with clean lines. This blends in nicely with the risers that are painted white.

The large box newel posts that you see on this job were not bought, they were custom made by Lomonaco's Iron Concepts to fit the specifications needed to pull this job together. the box newels were made out of clear poplar and painted white to give a dramatic contract between the handrail, treads and iron balusters but yet tied in with the risers and wainscoting.

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John Lomonaco

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  1. Excellent New Railing and Wainscoting. Love to see more of these snaps inn next post John.

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