Sunday, January 24, 2010

Decorating Accessories

Accessorizing Ideas
Decorating takes the same approach as fashion: just a few carefully selected accessories can turn an ordinary room into something extraordiaqnry. What's more, it's the single best wya to play up your personality.
  Decorative accessories throughout your house need not be of the same vintage, either. In fact, it's much more interesting to mix old with new, fine objects with found items, hand-me-downs with newly purchased pieces. You'll be surprised by the number of treasures you'll find that blend beautifully into your scheme.

Wall Art
We're long past the day when wall art consistyed solely of paintings, posters, or prints. Today we're more inclined to let our imaginations run wild, including anything that can be supported by a nail in the wall. From decorative plates to architectural elements-even store signs, boat oars, or a criss-crossed pair of skis-wall art truly is in the eye of the beholder.

Accessories that fall into the collectibles category offer some ofthe best ways to express your personal style. They are, after all, pieces that you find yourself drawn to time after time. When displaying collectibles of any kind, it's important not to break up the set. Pieces grouped together make a greater impression than those spread throughout a room or throughout the house. Keep in mind, too, that an odd number of objects is more interesting than an even number, particularly if you're working with just a few items.

When it comes to accessorizing a mantel, there's not a thing wrong with the proverbial picture over the fireplace, especially if it's the family portrait. There's no right or wrong; no matter what you select it should reflect your personality and the personality of the room.

Soft Stuff
In any well-designed room, the difference is in the details, especially when it comes to the soft touches. A pillow here, a cozy throw there, they all add up top a sense or warmth-both figuratively and literally.
  There's a proliferation of pillows available today, from highly decorative swtyles to those that all but make you laugh out loud.  And there's an equally vast assortment of throws, woven in yars so soft that you won't wait for a chill in the air before wrapping up in one. The same goes for bed linens, too. We've come a long way since the days of having single bedspread; today, our beds have multiple dressings that make the bed even more of a focal point in the bedroom. The important thing to remember, in all cases, is to mix, don't match. You'll find that the results will be infinitely more interesting.

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