Saturday, January 23, 2010

Iron Baluster Differences

Lomonaco's Iron Concepts is one of the leading staircase renovation companies in South Jersey. We offer an extensive line of powder coated balusters and ornamental iron products from the leading suppliers in North America. We take pride in knowing that all our products are made by skilled craftsman and go through many quality control inspections to assure our customers that they are receiving the best products on the market. Be sure to as you sales representative from Lomonaco's Iron Concepts about all the different options when you are designing your new stairway railing.

Stamped Balusters:
Stamped Balusters are heated red-hot and are pressed into a design by skilled craftsman. We offer a variety of stamped designs, from a simple concave or "spoon" design to an intricate leaf or "harvest" design. We are constantly expanding our product lines so please be sure to ask your sales representative from Lomonaco's Iron Concepts about them.

Twisted Balusters:
Twisted Balusters are made of square material up to one inch thick. A plain bar can be twisted, or an existing baluster type can have a twist applied to it for effect ( selected products ). Some scrolled balusters and basket balusters also contain a twisted section. Our custom crafting capabilities allow us to make twists with varying degrees of length and tightness. A twist can be dense and short, located in the middle of the baluster, loose and applied over the length of the baluster, or to match your own specifications. Be sure to ask you Lomonaco's Iron Concepts representative for details.

Forged Balusters:
Forging is an ancient technique used to heat up a bar and either hand hammer the bar into a pattern or hammer out a design. A forged baluster is one solid piece that is heated red-hot and formed into a pattern. The forged baluster works in many modern homes while maintaining a classical feel, and is becoming more popular in contemporary settings with a clean finished look. Be sure to ask your Lomonaco's Iron Concepts representative for details.

Basket Balusters:
Basket balusters are probably the most versatile of balusters. Because baskets are so versatile they can be made with round or square material. Baskets vary in size from 4" to 13" and can  have round, oval, or elongated appearances. Baskets are found in many iron products such as railings, gate, balconies, candleholders, and at the end of curtain rods. Be sure to ask your Lomonaco's Iron Concepts representative
about details and other uses for basket balusters.

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