Sunday, January 24, 2010

Interior Decorating & Design

Decorating is about being creative, bold, taking risks and trying something new. There's no right or wrong, only what works for you and your home.

Lomonaco's Home Decor will offer many options and ideas for every room in the house. To spark your own creativity and to help you create a home that reflects your personality. Lomonaco's Home Decor can handle many everything from room arrangements and furniture placement to choosing the right window treatments and showcasing your treasured collectibles. From the floor to the ceiling and every space in between Lomonaco's Home Decor is the company to guide you to creating a home that you love more and more every time you walk through the front door.

Floor Coverings:
Floors are the largest area where you can add dramatic impact. At the same time, however, they have to be practical. Because there is something stylish for every budget, start by figuring how much you have to spend. Next , consider the space itself; who will be using it and how?

A vast assortment of floor coverings is available. Carpet includes wall-to-wall options as well as area rugs and natural fibers such as seagrass and bamboo. Hardwood has its own variations, too, ranging from light to dark and from narrow to wide. Resilient flooring encompasses vinyl as well as rubber and cork. Meanwhile nonresilients include everything from ceramic tile to stone. Flooring decisions become even more complicated because some types reeplicate others. For instance, vinyl can mimic the look of marble, giving you the function of the former and the look of the latter-all without spending a fortune. The bottom line: You can have anything you set your sights on.

There's nothing like the feeling of carpet under your bare feet. But its advantages are much more far-reaching than comfort. Color and pattern are high on its list of assets; the right carpet can be the starting point for a scheme or provide a stunning focal point. In addition, it reduces noise and conserves energy.
   Carpet options include synthetics, such as nylon and polyester, and natural fibers, such as wool and silk. Whatever your preference, make sure the type of carpet you select matches your need for the area.

Hardwood flooring compliments everything from traditional to contemporary settings. Even better, its easy to care for and it can be refinished to restore its original beauty. Oak is the most popular species, thanks to its durability. But there is a welath of other species available, too, including maple, cherry, mahogany, bamboo and many more. If your looking for something more rustic, consider reclaimed lumber.

Resilient Flooring
Resilient flooring typically finds its way into everyone's home in some form or another. Characteristically softer and quiter than other flooring options, it ranges from vinyl to rubber to cork, even linoleum.
  As a whole, resilient flooring is easy to maintain, making it a good choice for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and mudrooms.

Nonresilient Flooring
Ifyou're not sure what "nonresilient" flooring is, just think in terms of hard surfaces. A wide variety of flooring fits into this category- ceramic and terra-cottaquary tiles, marble, slate, brick and concrete. Each one offers a striking look all on its own or pair it with another flooring material for that one-of-a-kind look.

Lighting Options
A balanced approach is the key to any well-lit room. Each room requires three types of lighting-ambient, task and accent. With the right combination, thers sufficient illumination at all levels; you can see your way from one room to the next, read a book or even draw attention to a special work of art.
  the beauty of this three-prong approach is that it provides visual excitement, too. With a variety of lamps at eye level, wall sconces a little higher, and fixtures overhead, a well-balanced lighting plan creates light and dark areas that spotlight some items and leave others subtly in the shadows.

Ambient Options
On its most basic level, ambient lighting allows a person to walk safely through a room. Ambient lighting gives a room a soft, overall glow. It also provides a support system for task and accent lighting.
  One of the best sources of general illumination is recessed lighting, in which spotlights are placed evenly throughout a room. track lighting is another good choice because you can position its movable fixture to create a comfortable ambience.

Task Lighting
Task lighting shed light on activities. Whether it's reading or writing, working on a craft project, or playing the piano, task lighting will make the job easier. As a rule, lighting fitted with soft white bulbs, as opposed to clear bulbs, is better because the light is easier on the eyes. To further control glare, use a three-way bulb or dimmer. It's also important that task lighting illuminate evenly; one side of the magazine your reading should not be darker than the other.

Accent Lighting
Purely decorative, accent lighting adds drama to a room. It can be used to highlight a favorite painting or simply wash a wall with a light. Spotlights and track lights are most commonly used as accents because their light can be precisely aimed at an object. Other sources include sconces and uplights. Accent lighting should always be brighter than ambient lighting.

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