Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Metal Spiral Stair Kit Accessories

In Lomonaco's Iron Concepts accessory catalog you will find options designed to adapt your spiral staircase kit to special installation conditions, as well as many accessories that can be used to customize the spiral staircase to your parti
cular taste and decor. And remember, spiral stairs from Lomonaco's Iron Concepts cna be as simple or as elegant as you like.
  • Spindle Options
    • Single spindles
    • Double Spindles
    • Triple Spindles
    • Aluminum or Brass cast Center Collars
    • Small Scroll Castings
    • Large Scroll Castings
    • Double Scroll Castings
    • Fleur-de-lis Castings
    • Double Fleur-de-lis Castings
    • Butterfly Castings
    • Basket Design Spindles
  • Handrail Options
    • 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" Round Aluminum or Brass Tube Handrail
    • Large Cast Aluminum and Polished Brass Scroll End
    • Solid Oak Handrail
    • Profiles:
      • Round
      • Standard
      • A Groove
      • B Groove
  • Center Pole Cap Options
    • Brass Ball Cap
    • Aluminum Ball Cap
    • Oak Ball Cap
    • Aluminum Dome Cap
    •  Flat Oak Pole Cap
    • Basket Top pole cap
  • Other Accessories
  • Lighting Options
    • Spiral Stairlighting Kit
  • Wood Tread Options
    • American Cherry
    • Bamboo
    • Hickory
    • Australian Cyprus
    • Cumaru ( Brazilian Teak )
    • Jatoba ( Brazilian Cherry )
    • Mahogany
    • Walnut
    • Red Oak
    • Maple
    • White Oak
Spiral Stairway Lighting Kits

The revolutionary Spiral Stairlighting Kit from Lomonaco's Iron Concepts provides all the functional benefits of conventional lighting at a fraction of the cost. a patented system of low-voltage LED technology, attractive design components and safe, efficient power delivery makes the Spiral Stairlighting Kit a must-have for any indoor metal spiral staircase.


  • Attractive design components, with wires hidden in patented sleeves
  • Unique 3-beam spotlight
  • All Components can be painted to blend with your spiral stairs 7 walls
  • Safe, efficient power delivery
  • Light sensor turns your stairway lights on & off automatically
  • In case of outage, battery backup lasts up to 12 hours or more
  • Rechargeable batteries are included
  • Comes complete with its own Bonus Toolkit!
Stairway Lighting is Important for Preventing Injury

The Spiral Stairlighting Kit is completely safe to use because it converts your normal house current to low-voltage DC before sending it to your staircase. The LED lights and transformer stay cool, so there are no safety concerns about heat that can be generated by conventional lighting. The Spiral Stairlighting Kit is water-resistant and its patented track protects your family and your pets from any contact with the low-voltage wires. During an emergency, the Spiral Stairlighting Kit keeps you safe even in the dark with battery backup power that lasts up to 12 hours or more.

The Spiral Stairlighting lights are designed to last for nearly 12 years, so you're free from the frequent task of changing light bulbs. The compact power box continuously charges its own self-contained backup batteries while the lights are on. Installation can be done in just a few hours and the kit contains all the materials you need. Once the system is installed, just plug it in and enjoy!

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John Lomonaco - President

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  1. I like butterfly castings as spindle options because of its unique effect. It can be matched with a solid oak handrail depending on the design of the house. Additionally, I never thought that having a unique 3-beam spotlight is one of the benefits of the spiral stairway lighting kits that you mentioned.

    I have been looking for the best options for spiral staircases designs since we will start renovating our home. My choices include iron spiral staircases and metal spiral stairs for the indoor stairs area. I am still thinking of my choices for the outdoor spiral stairs design. I will also consider using the spiral stairway lighting kits because of its benefits, like a battery back-up.