Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stair Refacing, The Process!

Here's how the process works, step-by-step:

Step 1. When Lomonaco's Iron Concepts re-faces your stairway, we bigin by taking accurate measurements of your treads and risers. If any of the steps are curved, we make exact templates ( patterns ) for them. With over 35 years experience in the stair industry, odd shapes and sizes are no problem for us.

Step 2. You select your favorite look from four of the most popular hardwoods - oak, maple, cherry, walnut - and five different stain tones. For the risers, you can either match your treads, or have them painted white. this gives you a choice of forty different finish combinations for your new wood stairs!

Step 3. We have your treads and risers custom-built to fit perfectly. Each component can be pre-finished to your specifications which means you won't have to wait for stain and varnish to dry while making your stairs unusable.

Step 4. Once your components are completed, we install them over your existing stairs. the "nose" of each old tread ( the part that sticks out ) is carefully removed to allow for a perfect fit. Having Lomonaco's Iron Concepts' expert crafsman install your new stairs for you guarantees your complete satisfaction with the results.

In summary, Lomonaco's Iron Concepts' stair Re-Facing means:
  • No mess
  • No disruption
  • Lots more options
  • Lasting value
  • The assurance that your job is being done correctly with the best craftmanship in the tri-state area.

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John Lomonaco - President

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